York Festival of Ideas 2 – 14 June

The York Festival of Ideas will be online this year with many free talks and events of interest, including the three listed below:

Warrior: A life of war in Anglo-Saxon England, speakers Edoardo Albert and Paul Getting, Sunday 7 June 1 – 2pm
The story of a forgotten man whose bones were found in an Anglo-Saxon graveyard at Bamburg Castle.
More information: http://yorkfestivalofideas.com/2020-online/calendar/warrior-life/

The History of Dance. Wednesday 10 June, 7 – 8pm. Join Lottie Adcock of Dance the Past as she attempts a whistle-stop tour of the history of dance, cramming over 10,000 years of footwork, choreography and social etiquette into just 40 minutes. Perfect for anyone who’s ever wondered how the medieval peasantry let off steam; which moves Mr Darcy was busting out on the dance floor; or what on earth a Black Bottom Shuffle is…
More information: http://yorkfestivalofideas.com/2020-online/calendar/history-dance/

The Golden Fleece Thursday 11 June 6 – 7pm Take a journey through Britain’s knitted history with author Esther Rutter. Over the course of a year, Esther to tell the story of wool’s long history here. She unearthed fascinating histories of communities whose lives were shaped by wool, from the mill workers of the Border countries, to the English market towns built on profits of the wool trade, and the Highland communities cleared for sheep farming. She also found tradition and innovation intermingling in today’s knitwear industries.
More information: http://yorkfestivalofideas.com/2020-online/calendar/golden-fleece/

Talks are free, but you need to book online. For other events see: http://yorkfestivalofideas.com/2020-online/calendar/

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