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Wakefield Historical Society welcomes all those with an interest in history both on a local level and more widely. We aim to promote knowledge of the area's past and raise awareness of local heritage.  

We offer a programme of winter lectures and summer excursions, provide talks and organise conferences. Members receive a monthly e-newsletter, a quarterly newsletter and a Society Journal containing original research.  Activities for members include participating in themed projects and historical research.


Details of the Summer Excursions organised in conjunction with Wakefield Civic Society are now available, with a downloadable booking form. Please note excursions are only available for members of either Society and their guests.

A summary of the talk on 10 April 2019, "Wakefield's Historic Development and Architecture", by Peter Thornborrow has been added to Lecture Notes.

Information about the new exhibition at the Gissing Centre, and opening times has been added.

Information recently added to the News page:

Sessions to learn about the history of St Andrew's Parish Wakefield

York Festival of Ideas

University of York Open Lectures, Summer Term

Royal Armouries anniversary of Cloth of Gold in 2020, re-creating a Tudor helmet

Programme for the Yorkshire in History group based at Masnygates Education Centre

Wakefield Library exhibition and event

Thomas Fairfax- A Yorkshireman’s Civil War. Day school at Calderdale Industrial Museum, Wednesday 22 May 10-3.30

Peterloo: the Massacre, its Background and its Aftermath, Saturday 8th June 2019: Wakefield Labour Club

Play: Difficult Women 28 & 29 June, Mechanics' Theatre, Wood Street, Wakefield

Musical Event: A Day in the Life, 3rd, 5th, 11th and 25th May

Event at Chantry Chapel: Performance by Leeds Waits.

Festival of Archaeology 13 - 28 July 2019, website open for registration and information about events

Details of the Local and Family History Network meetings in 2019

































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